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Mobile Air & Surface Regeneration Devices


• ISO 9001 – Design and development, manufacture and service of filtration and

disinfection equipment

• EN ISO 13485 – Design and development, production and service of active medical devices

for disinfection and sterilisation, ozone sterilisers with air regeneration

• CE TUV Certification – product has been tested for safety and found to meet the minimum

requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act

• Fully loaded with safety and monitoring sensors

• Full remote control, recording and operating functions via Smart Technology

• Customer user access to server via unique login details through App on smartphone, tablet

& desktop etc

• Entry level, mid-range and premium level offerings depending on budget and requirements

• Output and time regulation to suit customer needs

• Full 1 year parts and service warranty

• Finance options available

• Patented manipulation of electrostatic, filtration and regeneration technologies

• Customised features to suit your needs

• Safer Space approved products